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RULES OF THE COMPETITION: 1. Competition is open to anyone in South Africa. 2. In order to qualify you should be a parent (whether now re-married or not) with minor children. 3. The prize includes 2 nights free self-catering accommodation for you, someone else and 2 minor children at Ocean View, Strand, Western Cape, subject to booking availability to be used within the next 12 months. 4. Also included in the prize is a 2 hour free consultation with one of our panel of attorneys to discuss any family law issues such as maintenance and/or parenting plans. You will also receive a Parenting Plan Workbook in order to draft a personalized parenting plan. 5. Entries close 15-09-2020 and winners will be announced on 20-09-2020. 6. You may increase your chances and entries to the competition by supplying email addresses of possible interested friends and/or family. A single email will be sent to those nominated friends and/or family inviting them to enter the competition. 7. The total value of the prize is estimated at R6500 and is not transferable for cash.
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Individual and personalized PARENTING PLANS made easy.

We offer a DIY solution and assisted plans – all under the watchful eye of a team of dedicated attorneys.

FREE Forum

Join our forum for FREE with loads of relevant questions that are answered by qualified personnel

Unique & personalized

All parenting plans are unique and personalized suited to your individual needs

Legally compliant

A dedicated team of lawyers will ensure that your parenting plan is fair, workable and legally compliant.


We believe in overcoming challenges in everything that we do, and what our purpose and cause is.  We care and have the inspiration to please our clients, and deliver excellent service when compiling your individual Parenting Plan while striving for client’s satisfaction.


We treat our clients with respect, and let them feel special. We have the best team of lawyers, experience and professional staff to provide the best service to our clients when compiling their unique Parenting Plan. We are easily accessible online and offline.


We provide parents with the best Parenting Plan to assist and ensure a good and stable environment for the children. We do not compete with others, but do what is best for the child. We are passionate and believe we can make a difference in people’s lives.

The concept of a parenting plan is arguably one of the most useful legal instruments introduced by the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, purposely designed to lead parents through the emotionally charged time of a messy breakup of a previously trustful relationship. Such a plan becomes pivotal to govern expectations and define the rights and responsibilities of the parents.


The golden thread that runs throughout the project is giving a legal platform to the best interests of the child. It is one of the principle law responsibilities entrusted on SA’s legal justice system, which has historically culminated in the notion of the High Court acting as the upper guardian of all children.


The implementation of certain sections of the Children’s Act only came into effect as late as July 2007, and others, including those pertaining to the practical implications of drawing up a parenting plan, was only promulgated in April 2010.

We firmly believe that every family unit is unique and special and that all parenting Plans should be individualized to suit your specific family needs.


We provide 4 Plans to choose from:


The Free Service plan – you get free access to our Forum and access our free resources on our website, with no legal intervention.


The Information plan – you get free access to our Forum, arrangement of a formal consultation without documents drafted. This service is informative of nature to assist you with any complex legal issues that might arise.


The Do-it-yourself plan – you get free access to our Forum and a detailed do-it-yourself workbook that is downloadable and sent to you via email. The concept Parenting Plan is individualized and you (and your spouse) are responsible for the positive outcome of the Parenting Plan negotiations. We offer some legal intervention and assistance. We offer assistance in having the completed Parenting Plan made an Order of Court or submission to the Family Advocate. If at any stage you encounter difficulties or resistance from a spouse, you could at any stage upgrade to the Premium plan.


The Premium pack – you get free access to our Forum with full expert legal intervention.  We act as legal intermediary between the parties to draft a unique and individualized Parenting Plan. If needed, we could arrange formal mediation between parties. Legal advice is available and all correspondence and negotiations between parties are done by our office through formal legal channels. We offer assistance in having the completed Parenting Plan made an Order of Court or submission to the Family Advocate.

It is our vision that our legal advice and preparation of an individualized Parenting Plan will leave you worry free about a workable, fair and practical stable environment for your children. We put the best interest of the children first and foremost in all the negotiations and consultations with parents.  is fully endorsed and backed by law firm with qualified personnel, that specializes in Family Law and providing Parenting Planning and legal advice to our clients. Our leadership position is reflected in the groundbreaking work we do, the valuable client relationships we have and the quality of our professional service, fair workable and legally compliant on delivering positive impact to parents.


Click here for an explanation on how this could work for you.

Choose the plan that suits you

    • Access to our Free Forum
    • No legal intervention
    • Browse through hundreds of Questions & Answers
    • Download our free e-book
    • FREE

    • Information Pack
    • Access to our Free Forum
    • Download our free explanatory e-book
    • Full legal intervention
    • We arrange consultation (without documents drafted) 
    • Consultation at our offices, via Skype, Whatsapp video call or telephonic
    • This is a full legal consultation service and charged according to the prescribed tariffs
    • R400 per 15 minutes

    • DIY Pack
    • Access to Free Forum
    • We supply some legal intervention
    • Do it yourself pack (workbook)
    • Personalized Parenting plan
    • Download documents immediately
    • R499

* This package can be upgraded to the Premium package at any time. Click here for details.

    • Premium Pack
    • Access to Free Forum
    • Full legal intervention
    • We can arrange mediation between parties
    • Attorney liaison between parties
    • All legal letters /correspondence between parties
    • Legal consultations (via e-mail or WhatsApp)
    • We do all the work – full after care service
    • R1 499

The statistics are in your favour


Hours of consultation


Parenting Plans drafted


Satisfied clients assisted (approx)


Children's interest considered (approx)