A court approved Parenting Plan is binding to both parental parties once it has been authorised as part of the Divorce Order, Children’s Court Order or Family Advocate register.


If any stipulations are not adhered to in full, the guilty party may be found in contempt of court. A parent that is found in contempt of court, may face jail time, receive a fine or another type of punishment as determined by die court.


Parents that do not fulfill the responsibilities as set out in the legally binding document may have to appear in the Maintenance Court or Children’s Court. It is then in the discretion of the Court to determine a consequence to the action of the parent that is in breach of the Parenting Plan. This could include garnishing orders, fines or even jail time. If your Parenting Plan is part of your divorce proceedings, the court will be able to enforce it, and treat transgressions as a criminal offence.