how it works

Below is a detailed explanation on how works. In just 5 simple and easy steps your could receive your personalized Parenting Plan.

It is based on the DIY (Do-it-yourself) plan with little or none legal intervention. You could also opt of the premium package where all correspondence and negotiations are done through the legal offices on your behalf. This process usually takes a little longer.

All our Parenting Plans are signed off and checked by one of the attorneys from Oppermans Inc. Attorneys to makes sure that your Parenting Plan is 100% legally compliant, fair and practical.


After you have made the necessary payment, a personalized Parenting Plan Workbook will be emailed to you with detailed instructions on how to complete the Workbook.

Complete the questions in the Workbook by either ticking the boxes (if applicable) or detailing specific answers by typing your answer. This would take you approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

It is important not to rush though this as you must bear in mind that this potentially could form the basis of a legally binding court order so that the Parenting Plan could be enforced.


After completion of all the sections, save the Workbook and then forward the completed Workbook to the other parent so that he / she could complete their section and offer suggestions on your proposal.

We have included a concept letter wording that you could use in your email / letter to the other parent so that you know exactly how to approach him / her.


Once the other parent completed the Workbook he / she sends their comments and/or suggestions back to you. You then consolidate the answers so that both parents are in agreement. (This might mean some form of contact between the parents so that both parents agree. Do not worry, we will assist you all the way.)


After both parents are satisfied and in agreement with all the answers to the questions, the latest agreed upon Workbook could be sent to our offices via e-mail on


One of the attorneys at Oppermans Inc. Attorneys will scrutinize the agreed upon answers so that it is practical and in accordance with the South African laws.

A personalized Parenting Plan will be returned to you via email, ready for signatures ans ready for submission and instructions how to submit the Parenting Plan to the Children’s Court or the Office of the family Advocate, to make it a legally binding order.

NOTE: If you encounter any difficulty during any of the steps please feel free to send us a Whatsapp message on 072 820 6923 or send an email to:   Remember that, should you experience any resistance with the other parent, that you would have the opportunity to upgrade to our premium package at minimal costs in which event we take over all the negotiations and correspondence with the other parent. This will be done by means of the offices of Oppermans Inc. Attorneys.