One of the biggest advantages of creating a Parenting Plan, is that it brings clarity during a time of uncertainty. This ensures that tensions created behind closed doors during times of negotiations, do not affect the emotional well-being of the children. A well-designed plan is essential for effective co-parenting. When everyday decisions are planned for and running smoothly, it enables one to focus on being a parent. The child’s best interests are put first. Thus more certainty is created and the process becomes less unpredictable.

Having a Parenting Plan is a cooperative approach and children benefit from less conflict in their family. Children also learn from seeing parents work together and a well thought out plan focuses on both parents “winning”. Deciding on a Parenting Plan as early as possible, allows one to tailor your arrangement to the needs of the children and the specific situation, whilst keeping the lines of communication open between parents.

A Parenting Plan provides certainty for parents as to their respective parenting roles and responsibilities in respect of the child and provides emotional stability for a child as to their day-to-day routine and maintenance requirements.