Once the parties decide to proceed to try to agree on a parenting plan, they need to have the Parenting Plan prepared. This is where parentinglans.org.za can assist. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs – all this with the assurance that every Parenting Plan is scrutinized by a qualified attorney to make sure that it is 100% correct and in accordance with the law. 

If section 33(2) applies, the assistance of the relevant party (other parent) is needed. However, for both optional and mandatory parenting plans, the best interests of the child principle apply. According to section 33(4) of the Act: ‘A parenting plan must comply with the best interests of the child standard as set out in section 7’.

In order to ensure that your Parenting Plan is compliant with all the legalities and to make certain that important  provisions are not left out, we strongly advise against the template based Parenting Plans you can download from the internet. For you own assurance we would suggest that you use a reputable organization, or legal expert familiar with family law or other suitable person to assist you with drafting your unique Parenting Plan.


The personnel at parentingplans.org.za have teamed up with the lawyers from Oppermans Inc. Attorneys, a leading legal firm with a dedicated family law department. On offer is a detailed, unique and personalized DIY (Do-it-yourself) option to compile a fully legal and binding Parenting Plan for as little as R499. This involve you completing a Parenting Plan Workbook of about 40 pages to be submitted to parentingpalns.org.za for to be scrutinized by one of the attorneys on their panel. Should you run into any difficulties negotiating with the other parent, you can always upgrade at a minimal cost whereafter they will take over all correspondence and negotiations on your behalf. The great thing is that parentingplans.org.za offers a money back guarantee – be sure to check out their terms and conditions here.